G  R  E  Y  L  I  L  Y

    c  a  l  l  i  g  r  a  p  h  y 


Welcome! I'm Lisa, Greylily owner & calligrapher offering contemporary custom calligraphy


I will never forget the day my mother gave me my first fountain pen as a 

ten-year old. It sparked an interest that stayed with me throughout my 

life. I’ve had a love for writing for as long as I can remember, and was 

always fascinated with how beautifully my grandmother wrote. As I got 

older, I realized the older generations had been taught penmanship- 

based on a form of calligraphy. 

My interest in writing never waned, nor my love of the arts. I took 

several art classes in high school and college, but went in the direction of 

science in college, & graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 

Criminology. After graduation and starting a family, my interest in 

calligraphy re-awakened. I began researching the foundations of writing 

itself, then the history of calligraphy (meaning “beautiful writing”), and 

that led me to take courses in calligraphy. Several years later, I am still 

researching and learning and practicing this beautiful art form while 

raising my two beautiful children, Grey and Lily in our beautiful hills of 

east Tennessee. I want to instill in them what it is to pursue your dreams, 

to never forget the true love of what is in their hearts…  


To Create

Greylily's roots are hand lettering and calligraphy. That is the heart of Greylily, and 

while we may expand or extend offerings, we are forever committed to providing the 

timeless, elegant, historic art of calligraphy to our clients. 

To Be Accessible

Greylily strives to offer prices that are accessible to ALL brides, no matter the budget. We 

will work with you and within your budget to ensure you have the wedding stationery or 

event stationery of your dreams. 

To Give Back

Greylily gives back to a variety of charities and needs both in the United States and 

abroad. When you purchase from - or hire - Greylily, you are giving to many in need. 


Lisa Nelson is the lettering artist behind Greylily. Lisa's background is in Legals, 

Science, and Art. After graduating from East Tennessee state University in 2004, she 

worked in state and city government,  state and private medical practices and holds 

certifications in phlebotomy and event planning. 

After marrying and starting a family that grew to include 2 beautiful children, Grey & 

Lily, the true soul of Greylily Calligraphy, Lisa re-visited her true love of the arts 

and calligraphy, thus, the beginning of Greylily Calligraphy in 2013. 

Lisa considers it a true joy of heart to share her own passions for beautiful hand-lettering 

& calligraphy with the world through Greylily Calligraphy. 

Neglect not the gift that is in you  1 Timothy 4:14